Heritage Collection

The Heritage collection pays homage to Pip’s parents and to the colorful stories of their lives. In this collection their two worlds come together. Pip’s mother grew up in Indonesia, where her father, thus Pip’s grandpa, was the head of the local post office. The memories from those Indonesian years gave us lots of inspiration. You will find magnificent landscapes with palm trees, the exotic butterflies and the endless turquoise ocean.

Pip’s father grew up in the Southwest coast of the Netherlands, also known as Zeeland. This is also the place where Pip’s parents first met and fell in love. Typical for this region are the traditional costumes with their beautiful textiles with handcrafted details, such as the special golden brooch.

Selamat Makan!

Winter Wonderland

This collection is inspired by all the treasures you can find during a long walk in our winter forests. Besides a variety of berries, acorns and seasonal flowers you will find cute squirrels and birds on the branches. The collection has warm dark green colours, combined with fresh turquoise edges and deep reds and ochres in the flowers, that give a rich and cozy feel to your dinner table. Each item is decorated with luxury golden elements. The cups and teapot are finely decorated along the ears with gold foil.

To complete your tableware, we added oven and bakeware as well as table textiles to our Winter Wonderland collection. With our beautifully decorated oven dishes your winter stews and pies come out even more tasteful. Our Winter Wonderland tablecloth with its birds, acorns and squirrels brings that warm and cozy feeling onto your dinner table.

This seasonal collection is available on subscription only.

Love Birds Collection

Pip’s all time favorite design Love Birds is on its revival!
The decorative medallion with the robins and other birds still
take a central place in this collection. They receive extra attention
because the medallion is executed in relief. Surprising is the
combination of the sometimes curly golden decorative elements
with the sleek design of both the shapes and stripes.
All products in this collection have the same style characteristics.
The decoration around handles, ears and spouts give this collection its
own recognizable style. With a proud little bird adorned on the lids.

We extended our collection with the Love Birds White series, which has a stylish white look. On the medallions is the same robin with light-blue and red accent colors. The elegant and timeless Love Birds white porcelain combines perfectly with the other Love Birds collections on your table.

The Love Birds White collection is available on subscription only.

Jolie Collection

With the Jolie collection we take you on a trip to a treasured Island, a truly happy place with all the unique tropical plants and flowers, palms and colourful fresh fruits. A rare white heron and other exotic species are surprisingly combined with lovely pressed flowers and golden dots for a festive vacation touch.
The Jolie collection also includes glassware with a stripe relief in
two beautiful matching colours; pink and blue.

La Majorelle Collection

With the La Majorelle collection we give a tribute to the beautiful botanical gardens with its large diversity of colorful flowers and branches from all over the world. It’s a lively display of flowers playfully combined with a nod to the palm trees and curious monkeys. The dots and stripes on the background give this design a surprising combination and a modern twist.

After the successful launch of the pretty pink colour group, a new colour group in jeans blue and some lovely new items have been added. The La Majorelle collection also includes glassware with a fairy-tale golden landscape.

Blushing Birds Collection

East meets West in the beautiful Blushing Birds collection. Influences from each culture create exciting new contrasts and wonderful blends in this design. Tropical birds and other exotic species are combined with classic and Pip’s fantasy flowers. The unique combination of porcelain and wood structures go together beautifully on every table.

The Blushing Birds collection consists of tableware, kitchen- and table textiles as well as home accessories. Available in multiple colour groups; blue, white, khaki, and red. All colours can be easily combined.

Home Deco Collection

Pip Studio lives with the motto "Happy products for Happy people" with the aim of giving with its products a sparkle to every day. Among the group 'home decor', Pip Studio has brought a group of products on the market that gives your daily life more fun! The beautiful decorations that make your home more cozy and the cushions that brighten up your study room. With Pip Studio every day is a celebration to deal with the daily worries.

Royal Collection

The Royal tableware collection features unique shapes and delicate porcelain.
Modern print techniques have been used to bring together old and new in this
collection. The Royal collection consists of Royal Multi, Royal White, and newly added
Royal Stripes.

The latest addition to the Royal collection is Royal Yerseke. Pip’s family is originally from Yerseke, a small fishing village at the southwest coast of the Netherlands. Her family is renowned for its mussels, oysters and lobsters. In honor of this origin we created our new porcelain collection, called Royal Yerseke. The artwork shows elegantly hand painted treasures from our North Sea,
such as a crab, a lobster, mussels and a herring, which is a typical Dutch delicacy. Every item is decorated with beautiful golden details.

Royal Yerseke combines perfectly with our Royal White collection

The Royal tableware collection also includes glassware, decorative metal plates & bowls, candle holders and vases

Early Bird Collection

The Early Bird tableware collection consists of a variety of patterns designed to mix & match and create a unique interplay through the applied artwork. We worked with a base of calm colours, a subtle print along the edge, combined with an eye-catching illustration of romantic roses. The best seller from this collection; the refined Early Bird illustration with lovely cherry blossom, still takes centre stage. It’s adorned with our famous red-white stripe with gold details.

All items are available in three colour groups; khaki, pink and blue, and can be easily combined both within and between the colour groups.

Bags Collection

Pip likes to travel. On her incredible journeys she is always looking for new” inspiration to design new collections - wherever she goes. This seasons fashion and travel bag collection, as well as our cosmetic bags collection is rich, warm and colorful at the same time . Cranes play an important role in the dessins, in which they are mirrored around a vase or flying through a dense forest of fantasy trees. Next to the bird dessins you will find colorful stripes and floral prints. These bold prints are alternated with a more subtle geometric all-over print. The dark blue velvet quilted bags add a luxurious feel to the collection. Our bags combine perfectly with this seasons Homewear collection.

The bags collection consists of different models, such as a cross body bag, weekend bag, shopper, wallet, a laptop bag, a belt bag and a handy phone bag.